Moving to a new home gives you an excellent opportunity to start anew. It’s a chance to get rid of all the unnecessary possessions and make refreshing arrangements in your rooms. However, there is one more thing to do before you bring in all the stuff: You need to clean the entire place. There are some cleaning strategies for a new home to consider which can greatly help you speed up the process.

Why are cleaning strategies for a new home important?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a long or short distance moving, you will need to think about cleaning in advance. To plan it properly and to fit it in your already made schedules. Even if you are just renovating your home, cleaning will be one of the final steps you will take. This is especially important for senior citizens who usually get relocation help for elderly people and don’t have enough time and endurance to deal with the upcoming cleaning. Let’s be honest, cleaning is hard and tiresome and you will need to take into consideration everything that will make it easier for you.

Gathering all the necessary cleaning supplies

First, you need to get at least basic supplies before you start with cleaning. The absolute basic supplies are:

  • Towels
  • A mop
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Synthetic broom
  • Shammy (Chamois) towel cloth
  • Cleaning solutions

Second, you may soon realize that it’s just the beginning and that you will need more. Additional cleaning supplies we often use are sponges, rubber gloves, buckets, all kinds of scrubbers and towels, dusters, and a step ladder. If you have wooden and leather furniture, it will be necessary to get additional cleaning products for sensitive furniture.

You should start cleaning from top to bottom

Dust and dirt can be everywhere, especially if furniture moving was included before your arrival. So, consider starting cleaning your ceilings first. Work your way down by cleaning the walls and finish with floors. So, top to bottom in each room and don’t forget about chandeliers, ceiling fans, and light switches.

Cleaning the walls

Besides light switches, a lot of stains and spots can be found on the wall itself. You have an option to use some of the cleaning products to deal with it, but eventually, you will end up painting the entire wall. Be careful about choosing the color and, if possible, try to find dirt-resistant paint.

How to deal with floors

Cleaning the floor depends on the type of floor. Moreover, you will hardly have the same type in every room. Your kitchen and bathroom will usually have a different type of floor.

Cleaning wooden floors – Using a mop and water with a small dose of cleaning solution will usually do the job. Unless, the previous owner had a pet, in which case you need to use the disinfecting solution as well. Especially if you have kids.

Various types of floors – Besides the regular vacuuming and swiping with water and cleaning solution, you might need to use an appropriate protective solution.

Cleaning wooden floor with a mop is included in the cleaning strategies for a new home to consider.

Sometimes a mop and a little water are all you need.


Cleaning room by room

Every room in your home has, more or less, similar top-to-bottom cleaning procedures, with the exception of the bathroom and the kitchen which require more attention.

A person cleaning the sink in the kitchen, with rubber gloves and a cloth.

We should pay close attention to the sink when cleaning.


Cleaning the bathroom

Thorough wiping and scrubbing the entire bathroom is a must. Especially areas around the toilet bowl, sink, bathtub, and shower. It is one of the most contaminated areas. So, get your rubber gloves and cleaning and disinfecting solutions and start deep cleaning before you unpack your belongings.

Your kitchen is next in our cleaning strategies for a new home to consider

You want to get rid of all the dirt and smells that usually occupy even the unreachable corners of the kitchen. In addition to regular cleaning supplies, you might need some appliance cleaners like wax and some soft cloth for sensitive surfaces.