Buying a car, relocating, selling it, sometimes requires shipping it cross country or even internationally. This process can be quite long, costly and stressful. But, if you take the time to do the research, choose a reliable carrier, and follow through, there’s no need to fall into despair. And if you are transporting a classic or exotic car, the stakes are higher, so your concern may also rise with the stakes. Don’t worry, we have a car shipping guide for beginners that you will find quite useful, so stick with us till the end of the read. 

Going once, going twice….sold!

So many people love buying different things. Some purchase online, some go to the store, others travel to shopping Meccas around the world for their desired items. And some people love purchasing classic or exotic cars and motorbikes at auctions or from collectors. For some of them, the words Restored Triumph Bonnevilles up for auction cause a racing heartbeat and an unease till they get themselves to this auction. And, when they get ahold of their precious possession, they become parts of their family. Okay, jokes aside, car lovers get do get very fond of their collection items or exotic cars, so high-end care for these vehicles is a must. So, as these purchases come at very steep prices, when it comes to shipping them home or to a keeping location, there is no room for being stingy.

car enterior

Old-timers warming hearts since forever.

Come home my precious – the very beginning of the car shipping guide

Even if you didn’t just buy your car at an auction, but you simply own an exotic or a classic car and you need to ship it across the country, you will want to do all the necessary research first. Moving to a different place can be a process, add up car shipping to it and you have a double load of preparations ahead.

As we said, this can be very expensive and risky, so make sure you do the research. When you make a selection of a few carriers, go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and then make the decision. The FMCSA lets consumers check a shipping business’ license, insurance record, and complaint history. There are many stories about high-end cars bought at auctions that have been damaged or destroyed because people have tried to save a few bucks with second-rate trucking companies that don’t specialize in vehicle transport. You just don’t buy a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 and then skimp out on the shipping.

old car on the road.

Old but gold.

Quotas come first

After you’ve found the company, you can ask them for a quote. Some companies have computer generated quotes, that come faster, but may be inaccurate, so you might want to wait for a proper assessment. Many things affect the price, so there is a price range you can choose from. Also, sometimes the best rates are in winter, so if you can choose the period of the shipping, bare this in your mind. The size and weight of the car may affect the routes of transportation, because of the many rules and regulations that can determine which carrier may travel which roads. And, if you are transporting a motorcycle, there are different rules to follow.


When you have a prized possession, you will want to make sure nothing happens to it. But, unfortunately, sometimes things may occur, and you will want to make sure you are as covered as you can be. As every guide ever says, check your insurance policy to see what you have and what you can expect. After this, ask your carrier about its liability coverage. If you’ve chosen a reputable company, they will probably have between $50,000 to $1,000,000 in coverage. This car shipping guide is no exception – make sure you are covered, and double check before the transport. You want to be safe, because, even with a high-quality shipping company, damage can occur. It is the same as with other moving companies – if you chose a reliable one, you will be safe.

car shipping boat - an essential in the car shipping guide

Smooth ride for your ride – an essential in the car shipping guide.

Next checkpoint in the car shipping guide – Covered or uncovered shipping?

Now we come to a very important question – do you want covered or uncovered shipping for your car? This, in a high percentage, determines your price. An enclosed carrier is much more expensive. It can cost even up to 60 percent more. On the other hand, a covered carrier shields your car from road debris and possible dents. It provides the most protection, and classic and exotic cars are usually transported in covered carriers. There are many pros and cons with open air and enclosed auto transportation, but it comes down to your decision. If you decide this is a too expensive option, you can opt to have your vehicle top-loaded, which means your car will travel on the carrier’s upper deck. This is an in-between option that will keep your car away from road debris and fluids that can leak from other cars. It’s not as expensive as an enclosed carrier, but more expensive that bottom-loaded shipping.

Smooth ride

Once you’ve made all the decisions and it comes down to the transport itself, prepare your car for a smooth ride. A pleasant ride is something every driver or rider desires. Whether you are driving a Chevy or riding a Honda, you enjoy a smooth ride. You choose your vehicle regarding the smoothness it will provide. You’ve certainly googled Which motorcycles have the most comfortable ride? Or which cars. So, you will want the same for your car to have. Make sure you empty the car before the travel. Leave enough gas for the car after the carrier. Make sure it’s nice and tucked in on the carrier. Cover it with a soft fabric. Make sure the tires are full of air. Take pictures of the car before you hand it off to the carriers. And, after all this – wait patiently for your precious to arrive.

Car shipping guide comes to its end

Once you’ve shipped your car, all you can do is wait and hope for the best! Jokes aside, give it time and don’t get too impatient. Car shipping can take even up to eight weeks, depending on the distance. Give the carrier exact locations and check with them for the time it will take. When it arriver, make sure to inspect the car in detail for damages or dinges. A member of the shipping company will also do the inspection but you will need to agree with the assessment before you sign the form and take your car with you. With this, we finish this car shipping guide. Now you see it’s not that scary as you might have thought! Enjoy the ride in your favorite car!