A DIY cross-country relocation is definitely an activity that will take you a lot of your energy. But like any other task, with proper planning and correct and realistic management of the situation, the load is going to be significantly less.

Find the right help

Most of the time, maybe out of commodity, we tend to search for help online. Many people are willing to help you pack your things, apparently for a more than affordable price. Sometimes it even seems too good to be true, but you are in such a rush that you ignore your 6th sense. To avoid being scammed, and in case you can’t do it all on your own, you will first need to learn how to recognize fraudulent moving companies. These tips are not going to transform you into a fraud expert overnight, but for sure are going to add a bit to your knowledge drawers inside your hypothalamus.

Key outside a box which is full of mugs and possibly other dishes.
In case you don`t feel ready for a DIY cross-country relocation, you should consider hiring some reliable movers to do it instead.

In order to make the whole process less challenging, we have come up with this checklist for a DIY cross country relocation, that is going to save you a lot of effort.

Identify your future cross country home

The actual purpose of a DIY cross-country relocation is (and it`s going to be a hard one to guess) relocation itself. So you will for sure soon enough find out that the second most important thing would be for you to identify your future place to stay. Considering it is a cross-country relocation, most probably you won`t be able to physically see it. Maybe just an online virtual tour on Whatsapp, which normally won`t suffice, but you`ll have to settle for that given the situation. Just make sure to ask some things about the year that the entire construction has been built. There are certain things to consider when renting in an old apartment building. Try not to totally neglect them.

Find a job

First of all, you need to make sure you are going to have continuity when it comes to paying for your bare necessities each and every month the bills pile up. This is why, before deciding to start it fresh from scratch into another part of the country, you should have already passed the interview already. There are very many corporations that adapt to these harsh pandemic times and are going to make an online assessment of your skills. Apply for as many in the field of activity that you feel most comfortable about and see which one suits you best. Better apply for as many as you can and decide later what to choose out of a greater sea of opportunities.

In case you are living with your parents and you`re all going to relocate together, there are some extra things that need to be considered. When it comes to elderly people, there are certain aspects you should keep in mind. They are very picky and selective when it comes to… almost everything. Proper research also needs to be made on this topic. There are many ways to help seniors move to a new home in the exact manner that is going to satisfy their huge expectations. They had many issues over the years, so just show them how important they are to you, by adopting their methods.

Very big sofa, made out of 10 individual pieces, which occupies most of the room.
When it comes to heavy pieces of furniture, there are certain techniques that you can adopt in order to facilitate the transportation process.

Come up with a moving budget that you are not willing to exceed

Now is the time to take care of the financial side of the journey. Make a total estimate of the entire adventure. Try and keep it as simple as possible. Do not invest in new things which are going to need transportation also. Better buy them at your new destination and see what are the things you lack once you physically get there. In the meantime, you should be looking at moving companies` websites and identify the best solution according to your needs. Reliability and professionalism should be the main attributes that define your movers. But what if you would be able to get all of those, with an extra bonus of the whole process also being cheap? Well, at verifiedmovers.com you can spare money even more because they provide excellent services at affordable prices.

Make a to-do list and try sticking to it

A DIY cross-country relocation means that you should be well-organized. Make your to-do list and stick to the original one. Don`t fall into the temptation of overwriting unnecessary things on it just for the sake of filling a piece of paper. Try and thick as many points on your list and cut them off instead of keep on adding to them. Make it simple and don`t add any extra volume of stress to your own plate. Stress is known to be a self-induced process, which means it all depends on your mindset. Educate your mind to automatically relax in front of a stressful situation. Practicing meditation regularly is going to work wonders.

It`s letting go time

Decide which things are not necessary anymore and which ones are worth keeping. Not everything you own right now is a perfect fit for your wardrobe anymore. Styles change at some point, so no need to keep a mix of them under your own roof. Instead, make someone`s day! Try and donate your unneeded belonging to people who were not that lucky to have anything in the first place. It is not only going to bring good karma into your life but also a sense of accomplishment. Accomplishment for helping other sons of God in need.

A cup of tea on 3 books in front of a window.
Sometimes a mug full oof tea is all you need to clear your mind and think things through,

Rent a moving truck and drive it yourself

A DIY cross-country relocation means that you should take things into your own hands. Why not even renting a moving truck and transport everything on your own planning and schedule? Drivers are pretty expensive nowadays. Having driver skills also means that you will spare even extra bucks furthermore. If you are having lots of things to transport, a moving truck is the best idea out there. So many pieces of furniture which cannot be disassembled and need to be taken out the way they are. There are some techniques on how to pack and move heavy furniture which you might find in handy. Speculate every single moving hack and trick you can. You will then also be able to help others when it comes to moving, this time from an expert`s position.

Use moving pods

Almost 15% cheaper than renting a moving truck, using moving pods is definitely going to make a difference. Just in case you are alone and you don`t possess too many things you intend to transport, moving pods are the ideal solution. Moving pods were voted by our readers as the perfect solution for small-volume moving and storage.

Ship your stuff to your new destination

An alternative to renting a moving truck or using moving pods would be to directly ship your belongings to the relocation area. Make sure that in case your want to abandon the DIY relocation, there will be someone ready to help you out when the big moment comes. Before taking a decision to either do it yourself or contract professional movers in order to assist you on the way, consider all pros and cons. A fundamental law of psychology states that there are at least 3 solutions to every problem an individual might encounter. So just make sure you take your time, breathe deeply, and think things through.

Relocating your animal companions

Your pets are also part of your family. Make sure you treat them right and don`t give them the impression of being neglected. You are not the only one that needs his/her feelings to be considered. Your little friend also came to be very fond of the place that you are about to leave behind. There is also a little heart inside of it. Treat it right!

Cute brown and white dog with big eyes looking upwards.
Pets are also part of your family. You would never mistreat your family. Why would you mistreat them then?

Final items on your checklist before your actual move

You are now closer to a DIY cross-country relocation. A successful one. All that is left for you to do is to inform the landlord. Don`t forget to clean the place prior to your move. This way, you can leave an impeccable apartment and a good impression behind. Once you have done a deep cleaning of your apartment, the last things to cut on your checklist would be to cancel your TV cable, electricity, and any other utility subscriptions. You are now free to leave the apartment in a decent way, the way that it should be done by adults.

Checklist for a DIY cross-country relocation written with a pen on a math notebook.
As unimportant as it might seem, making a checklist is going to save you a lot of energy regarding your overall planning.

As you have seen earlier, a DIY cross-country relocation takes so much effort. This kind of struggle is not manageable by everyone, which is why you should ask some real professionals what are the next steps to do, just in case you feel overwhelmed at any given point in time. Money can be earned back later on, but the neuronal synapses once destroyed, are lost forever. There is no point in building treasures on Earth. Treasure life and choose to treasure yourself instead!