There are many small towns near NYC but today we will show you the best of the best. This text is for the ones who wish to find a place near NYC but more peaceful and less expensive. Without further ado, let’s start our journey.

Asbury Park (New Jersey)

Many New Yorkers love New Jersey. Fans of Bruce Springsteen will be thrilled here. It’s a quick trip south from Manhattan to Asbury Park. You’ll be able to commute to and from Manhattan for business, yet spend your days in a peaceful and pleasant setting outside the city. More than sixteen thousand people call this New Jersey beach town home. Despite recent revival, the town has managed to keep much of its nostalgic character. Take a walk on the boardwalk and then grab a bite to eat at a clam shack. Travel the shore by foot, bike, or boat. Make sure to save aside some time to see the most amazing nightlife along the Jersey Shore, as Asbury Park is still a hotspot for the music industry.

One of the towns near NYC
This can be a great place to raise a family.

Hyde Park (New York)

This is one of the places that New Jersians love in New York. Artists that used to attend the Hudson River school, including Cole, Remington, Church, and Cropsey, were inspired by the region’s abundant natural light and picturesque landscapes. This is really a very charming town near NYC.  New Yorkers have been coming here for weekend trips for decades. The town of Hyde Park in Dutchess County has a population of over 21,000. That is a great example of the region’s historic architecture.  

The 32nd president’s childhood house is now the FDR Presidential Library and Museum, and Eleanor Roosevelt’s home is now a part of the complex. You can have so much fun exploring here.  The Culinary Institute has four permanent eateries and hosts temporary ones throughout the year, making it a great place to round off your sightseeing. If you are looking to get here as soon as possible mate sure to call professionals to move everything stress-free.

A hipster sitting and listening to music
Keep reading to see the best one for hipsters.

How about Woodstock?

The world-famous Woodstock Music and Art Fair took place there. The festival grounds were located outside of Woodstock, but the vibe of that unforgettable weekend was undeniably hometown. Around 6,000 people call this small village in Ulster County north of NYC home. Since the establishment of the first artists’ colony in the area in 1903, creative types have flocked to the area. The likes of Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Neil Gaiman, Carla Bley, Rachel Yamagata, and Amy Tan are just a few of the well-known artists, authors, and musicians who’ve already worked and/or resided in the Woodstock area. Even though it has recently undergone a “hipsterization,” the area’s rich history may still be discovered with the area’s excellent restaurants, art galleries, and outdoor attractions. That was our list of amazing towns near NYC. We hope you liked them!