Today we will be exploring some of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for aspiring artists. Out of all five boroughs of NYC, Brooklyn is the best for artists. It’s not necessary to visit galleries or museums in Brooklyn to see some of the city’s most exciting works of art. Stroll through Williamsburg or Bushwick and you’ll see an amazing collection of huge street murals and building-wall graffiti art. Since this is a hot spot for talented people we decided to share some of the best neighborhoods if you want to relocate there and pursue your art. Also, we will show you who can help you. Let’s face it – relocations are tough. But we know who in this huge city can help you. So, keep reading.

Red Hook is one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for aspiring artists

There is no doubt that the Statue of Liberty and the many warehouses and shipyards in the area keep Red Hook a hotbed of artistic talent. If you like the seaside village vibe that this place offers to its residents then you will love the Red Hook. Most of the residents here are known to be creative. There are a lot of young people and young families too. This area was once known as South Brooklyn so now you get the idea of where the place is located. We noticed that a lot of people who are moving from Hong Kong to NYC are coming here.

A woman painting on the wall.
This can be a great place for you.

Sunset Park

Sunset Park has an amazing waterfront location which is very attractive for homebuyers in Brooklyn. The reason why many people love this neighborhood is its proximity to Manhattan but a great location is not the only thing that this neighborhood has going on. Over the years this neighborhood has drawn the attention of a variety of interactive and innovative people. That made the area quickly transform from a middle-class factory enclave to the city’s new frontier for both fashionistas and artists. There are also a lot of kid-friendly places to be found.

Bushwick is also one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for aspiring artists

Bushwick has a long and storied history of both visual and performing arts. This neighborhood also has the most amazing cultural events and neighborhood gatherings. All of those combined have come to symbolize the neighborhood’s sense of community and pride for successive generations of its residents. Now this area is known to be one of the best places for artists in the whole of NYC. We even mentioned it above in the text when we talked about why Brookly is so amazing for aspiring artists. It’s because of this neighborhood as well. If you plan to relocate here team up with local specialists to make the whole process much easier.

A neighborhood with a funny name – Dumbo

This Brooklyn neighborhood is named after the phrase “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,”. Dumbo is among the most popular tourist destinations in this borough. It is also an up-and-coming neighborhood which is something that attracts artists. Long ago, this was a less desirable part of town. Currently, this is one of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods. Residents of Dumbo enjoy a dense urban atmosphere. Compared to other Brooklyn neighborhoods, the prices here are a bit lower, but they’re still not cheap. Because of the high cost of living, the majority of residents rent their homes. The bars, authentic restaurants, and modern coffee shops are very attractive here. Don’t worry, there is plenty of parks too if you enjoy nature.

An artist in one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for aspiring artists - Dumbo
Young people love this neighborhood.

For those who don’t have a strict budget – Greenpoint

Since 2011, Greenpoint has become the third most expensive neighborhood in New York City to buy a home, with an average sale price of $1.22 million.  This is an amazing place to live, work or relax but it’s a bit pricy. It can be great for artists since in this area you can find inspiration wherever you look. Artists usually adore the view here and the waterfront as well. Another thing artists love about this area is the post-industrial look. Greenpoint, Brooklyn’s northernmost neighborhood, has historically had low crime rates and has been on the decline for several years. That is always good to know when choosing a place to live. This is a good place for NYC job seekers because there are a lot of job opportunities now.

Fort Greene

Here is a little bit of history instead of writing just this is one of the best neighborhoods for you. Stanford White designed the “Prison Ship Martyrs” Monument in Fort Greene Park, which was built in 1908 and was the world’s biggest Doric column (at the time when it was constructed). This is another one of the great neighborhoods in Brooklyn for aspiring artists. When it comes to crime rates – this is also considered to be a safe neighborhood. You should definitely research this place along with the rest we just showed you.

Choosing the neighborhood for you

This is often the hardest part. We gave you a couple of great choices and there are others that can be good as well. Now you need to start researching a bit more. Use to see the prices and also what’s available. That will help you a lot. When you decide and the time comes for you to relocate you will need to find reliable movers like Ben Hur Moving & Storage NYC.

A professional mover carrying various items
Movers can be of great help.

Hiring professional movers can make relocation much easier

When you use the services of a moving company, you can be sure that your move will go smoothly. Inexperienced people may not know how to properly pack a lamp or wrap a mattress, but experts know exactly what to do. During the move, they use the appropriate materials to minimize damage to your belongings. They can also unpack you and settle you in quickly.