Deciding about your new living place is never easy and it requires serious research. When you have an opportunity to make a choice try to do it right. You have a great choice before you but try to concentrate on the things you like. If you are a fan of by the sea and living an exciting colorful and urban life, you should concentrate your research on New York and New Jersey. They both look like a great choice and if you can’t decide between New York and New Jersey the best way is to consider the ultimate pros-and-cons list.

Compare New York and New Jersey and your possibilities

Relocation is a process and it starts with one wish and making a decision to change something in your life. Serious organizations skills are a must in this case and you will have a need to make some plans and lists. The first list you need to make is about the potential locations. Reconsider all possible benefits and bad sides. You need both to get a more realistic picture. Whatever you chose you will be able to relocate easily with All Season Movers. Relocation with them will be an easy thing to do because they can overcome any possible obstacle that may happen during moving. You can be sure and relaxed. Dedicate your time to make the right choice between New York and New Jersey. Reconsider essential things:

  • Life style
  • Personal growth
  • Price tag
Bad and good
Make a selection

Find the right routine

New York is the most famous State in the world thanks to New York City. Thanks to that, this is a good place to start your career. The most notable economy branches are finance, fashion, modeling, PR and marketing, and of course advertising. You can find the best job opportunity. Many opportunities will give you a chance to provide yourself with good living conditions. New York City is a magical place to meet new people. You can build a life from your dreams. On the other side, have in mind that competition is just enormous. You must be good in your job to succeed. Weather varies from humid and hot summers to biting cold winters. If you do not have your apartment, prepare to give half of your earnings for rent. Buying property in New York is hard and expensive.

New York
Be a part of the dream

If you look on the other side, New Jersey according to the Federal Bureau of investigation has some of the lowest crime rates in the United States of America. That should be enough for a safe and happy life. When living in New Jersey you can relax and not think about crimes because it is one of the safest places to live in the U.S. Healthcare in New Jersey is among the top three in the U.S and there is several top-ranked health care institution New Jersey. New Jersey has many study opportunities. Diversity in options is enormous, you can study whatever comes to your mind and it exists, you can find it here in New Jersey. Your perfect way of living might disturb its high level of taxation. The overall tax burden is higher when compared to other states.

Enrich your existence

New York State and especially New York City is a city of events. From gala night and fancy openings to smaller events that are free to enter. There is something for everyone. From art and cinema to charity. Besides world-class museums that are plenty in NYC, there are iconic buildings all around you. With such great diversity all around comes diverse food. You can find any type of food you imagine and your palates will experience firework. In this case, deciding between New York and New Jersey is not easy. The problem, especially in NYC is that this is a city that never sleeps. Everyone is in some sort of a rush. Traffic noise is always there, and it is almost always jam. So driving your own car is almost impossible. You can hardly enjoy your life with so many tourists around you waiting in lines for everything.

Jersey City
Enjoy in life

New Jersey is home to many art and culture museums and art galleries and that is the thing that New York and New Jersey have in common. Many world-class writers and artists have roots in this state. Let us start from Staten Island, the iconic liberty statue, amazing nature, and the mighty Hudson River. You can spend your time in numerous museums, visit national parks, see monuments, reserves, and trails. This state has the most boardwalks in the U.S. What may look like a problem is that is better to live in a small city because in the big ones you will have no peace. The weird thing is that despite all, people are moving out faster than from any other state.

Everything has a price

Everything beautiful and extraordinary has to be paid for. Welcome to New York, where life gets expensive. Everything is pricy here. Going out with friends, prepare to spend a decent amount of cash. A pint of beer can get up to ten dollars. Eating out is can get to a crazy high price. The real estate prices are a separate and expensive story. The good side is that you have a large choice. If you look it carefully you can find affordable options.

New Jersey unfortunately has, also a high cost of living. This is one of the most taxed countries in the united states of America. Besides that, it has a high standard of living. New Jersey is in third place on a scale of living costs in states and everything is a bit pricier. If you are deciding between New York and New Jersey, NJ is a cheaper option. If life in NYC becomes too hard you can easily transfer everything in New Jersey. This can be your escape option and you can still be in the center of events. Mover services are efficient and safe and they can help you anytime. Your belongings will be safely packed and transported to your new address in New Jersey, you just need to find them.

Making a choice about some great life step is never easy, and it is natural if you can’t decide between New York and New Jersey. Take everything into account and think twice. Reevaluate everything and think it through. You have to be aware that a bad decision is not the end of the world, you can always move again and again.