Relocations tend to seem tricky and overwhelming. However, the process can indeed be simplified. Moreover, business relocation can be successful with a solid plan and preparations ahead of time. Whether you are expanding your business from Saudi Arabia to NYC, or completely relocating all business affairs to the United States, it is really important that you set up a well-structured plan to use as a guide throughout the process. Throughout the rest of the text, we’ll share some tips on simplifying your business move. Also, we will be discussing cultural differences in business between the two countries. 

Business Relocation 

With new developments and expansions in business, we definitely suggest and emphasize the importance of conducting some research alongside a thorough plan to rely on. In addition, a business relocation from Saudi Arabia to NYC is something that should be well-planned and thought-out.

Another very essential aspect of this relocation includes testing out the grounds and the service or product your business offers to the country you plan to move to before you make that drastic change. This is exactly where a well-structured comes very handy. Use your plan as a guide towards the completion of relocating your business.

An office.
Relocating your entire business requires a good plan, preparations ahead of time and efficiency.

Last but not least, ensure to have a moving company before the moving date. Contact ahead of time to discuss their terms and fees. 

From Saudi Arabia to NYC

Moving your business from Saudi Arabia to NYC is a big step. Before you embark on your business relocation, it’s essential to be aware of the main differences in business cultures. As each country and culture have their own values and beliefs, it’s crucial to be aware of the differences so that you can adapt to communicating and doing business accordingly. The following are how the business culture is different from Saudi Arabia to NYC:

  1. The business culture in Saudi Arabia is more relationship and religion-oriented
  2. Work attire in NYC is usually seen in conservative colors such as gray, black, and navy, while in Saudi Arabia work attire is more traditional and no skin is to be shown
  3. Due to Saudi Arabia being more conservative and religion-oriented, men and women keep a distance from each other out of respect
  4. High status seems to be the top motivating factor for work in Saudi Arabia, while in NYC individuals strive professionally for money and job satisfaction
  5. Although a handshake is considered polite and normal in NYC, it is usually avoided in Saudi Arabia 
A man in a suit using a tablet to do research on business relocation from Saudi Arabia to NYC.
Ensure to learn about new business cultures before relocating.

Moving 101

As we mentioned above, it’s important to consider hiring a moving company to assist you with your business relocation. Moreover, it’s important to find the right people with the necessary experience and the right equipment in order to simplify the process and have a successful move. With a good crew, you will stress less and have more time to focus elsewhere. 

Business Culture

Overall, as long as you educate yourself ahead of time, you will have successful meetings throughout many cultures. The key is to show respect and guide yourself throughout while gaining insight into different business cultures. Meanwhile, plan and prepare well ahead for business relocation in order to ensure it goes smoothly.