You have graduated from college – congrats! But, what to do next? Leaving a college dorm is a must, and if you have studied in NYC and don’t want to leave this town, it is time to move to a new apartment and start looking for a job. When it comes to moving, you should first choose one of the neighborhoods in New York City for recent college grads. It is important because it may help you find a job, affordable rent, be in the center of events, depending on the area you will choose.

The list of neighborhoods in New York City for recent college grads

Moving to NY for college and moving out of college are similar, but now you have more experience and you know the city.

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You have finish one major part of life and not it is time to look for a job

If you want to stay in NYC after graduation, here are some best places where to move to. All of these neighborhoods have plenty of young people, short time commuting, and they are relatively affordable (the median room rent for these neighborhoods is around $1000).

  • Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn – this place became the most popular spot for young people in the twenties.
  • Ridgewood, Queens – Queens is often a place for young people because it is cheaper than Brooklyn and Manhattan. Ask Queens professionals to organize your move and save money after college until you find your dream job.
  • Washington Heights, Manhattan – if you want to live in Manhattan after moving, this is a neighborhood to consider.
  • Astoria, Queens – another neighborhood in Queens for recent grads is Astoria, but the interesting thing is that the average rent in Washington Heights is cheaper than in Astoria but it has better nightlife.
  • Concourse, the Bronx – The median room rent is only $850 which makes it one of the neighborhoods in New York City for recent college grads with affordable housing options.
  • East Harlem, Manhattan – if you want everything to be near you, East Harlem is an option, you can bike here, have a good time, and a lot of companies are located near.

Hiring a company to move your items

How to transport your items from a college dorm to your new NYC apartment? As you already know, driving is almost impossible, especially driving a van or a truck. That’s why you should hire professional movers to handle your relocation. One of the companies that can move recent grads in NYC is Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens.

A view of the best neighborhoods in New York City for recent college grads.

If moving to NYC after graduation, make sure it is done by professional movers

You should know that local moves in NYC are difficult because there are a lot of people on the streets and there is always a traffic jam.


Now when you know where are the best neighborhoods in New York City for recent college grads, you can start a new life. Most recent grads live with roommates because the rent in NYC is not cheap at all. So, talk to your college roommate and other friends, make a deal and move together.