Considering moving your business to New York City? Why should you do it and how to do it without losing productivity? What are commercial property relocation practices in NYC and how business owners move their offices here? It may be intimidating because it is a big step for a business, but on the other hand, with a good business plan, your business can grow.

Should you move a business to NYC?

When it comes to moving your business to NYC – should you do it and why should you do it? It is a well-known fact that NYC is one of the most popular spots in many different industries. Tech, art, entertainment, finances, tourism, etc.

It is not easy to succeed in a city with strong competition, but if you have a good idea, a team and if you invest money and time on marketing, it may be worth it. NYC is a city of opportunities and also it has a high number of highly skilled workers which is good for companies. That’s why many businesses want to work from here.

One of the major concerns are the costs of commercial properties in NYC – they are not cheap, especially not in Manhattan. Midtown Manhattan is a place in the US with the most expensive offices. You must be financially ready to sign a lease for 10 years, which is a problem from small and medium businesses. But, there are short-term leases for those businesses.

So, first, make a plan and decide is it a good idea for your business. Yes, moving here has many benefits, but on the other hand, the market and competition can be brutal. Calculate your budget before moving and then you will see is your business ready for this step or not (financially).

A view of NYC.

Running a business in NYC is not easy, but with a good business plan, it may be very successful

Commercial property relocation practices in NYC – how to move a business?

How businesses move their office to NYC? What is the best method for moving business without losing productivity? Where to start and how to prepare? This is a big step for a business, no matter what type of business you are running.

Start early with preparations

Take enough time to organize and plan your business relocation to NYC. It depends on the size of your business, but about 6 months is a period that should be enough to take care of everything.

Having a meeting about commercial property relocation practices in NYC.

Organize a meeting and plan every step in advance

Set a moving budget

Create a moving budget, a budget for renting a new office, marketing, buying new office equipment and furniture, etc. Explore the commercial real estate market in NYC because a big part of the budget will go there. When hiring a moving company, try to get the best deal for your relocation. If you need to save money on relocation, you can negotiate with a moving company and offer them some of your services in exchange.

Find a new location for a business

For some types of businesses, location is one of the most important factors. Finding the right business location in NYC maybe won’t be easy (and cheap), so on what to pay attention to when renting an office space in NYC?

  • If clients need to visit your office, then be prepared to spend more money on rent. Also, keep in mind that your employees need to have easy access to a new office.
  • Price is a big factor, so make a balance between a location and rent. Part of commercial property relocation practices in NYC is to hire a local real estate agent who will find you a perfect location.
  • What size of office space do you need? How many employees do you have and how many equipment and supplies you need to store in there? Calculate everything before signing a lease.
An office space in NYC.

Explore commercial property relocation practices in NYC and the real estate market there

Hiring a commercial moving company

What is the best way to move a business to NYC? One of the best commercial property relocation practices in NYC is hiring a professional moving company. Making your office supplies’ transportation hassle-free is necessary, so you can focus on other moving-related tasks.

A company you will hire must be:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Experienced
  • Affordable
  • And to have good moving reviews from past clients

Research moving companies from NYC area and hire the best one. Luckily, New York has many movers you can choose from, so pick a couple of them and then compare their services and price. It is not easy to transport all your office equipment and supplies to a new location, that is why you need someone with experience.

Packing your office

Packing is part of the moving process, no matter are you moving an office or a house. When planning and organizing your NYC move, you should figure out how to pack all your office items. Of you are moving a small office to NYC, then you can pack it by yourself, but when it comes to moving big businesses, hiring professionals packers is the best option.

Employees should pack their personal items, but the furniture and office equipment need to be handled by professionals. They will do it fast and efficiently, so you won’t lose productivity when relocating a business. Packing can take a lot of time, and time means money for companies.

Contact your clients and suppliers

Don’t forget to notify all your customers and suppliers about moving to NYC. You can do this on your own or to ask one of our employees to make sure everyone is informed. After choosing one of the commercial property relocation practices in NYC, gather your employees and work as a team. Assign the tasks and organize a moving together. This way, the relocation will be successful and all people will be notified about the location changing.