They say that December is the most wonderful time of the year. There are many reasons for that – there is a lot of snow (in New York, at least), there are Santa and gifts. However, what makes this time of the year amazing is all the holiday decorations that go up during the season! This is one of the reasons why people love Brooklyn so much – the borough complete changes in the winter. Maybe you have already noticed this. Maybe you just have tones of decorations you want to use, or you just love the holidays. Whatever the reason, if you want to make your home pop with color and light in this month, then this guide is for you. Today, we take a look at some of the best Christmas decorations for this year! From DIY to the best buys possible, we cover them all in this article!

What are the best Christmas decorations for this year?

Can anyone really say what the best Christmas decorations for this year really are? Who can be the judge of that? Are the best ones the decorations you will find cheaply? Or maybe they are those that you can make yourself, and thus count spending time with your family as a part of them? Are the best decorations the biggest, brightest or the most breathtaking ones?

A person holding a present.

Think about DIY decorations.

As you can imagine, there aren’t really any real answers to these questions. What is amazing for one person might end up being plain for the other. However, there are some standardizes decorations that almost everyone uses:

  • a nice Christmas tree without a doubt falls in the best Christmas decorations for this year category;
  • wreaths and garlands always bring some holiday cheers;
  • no Christmas can go without Christmas socks;
  • you can use pillows and similar items to bring the spirit of the season into your home.

These are some of the more traditional, yet somewhat unique decorations you can use in your home. By using these, your home will stand out, whether you are a long-term resident of the neighborhood or you just moved in with the help of professionals such as Dynamic Movers NYC. Now, let’s take a look at how you can utilize each of these in more detail.

There is no Christmas without a tree

Everyone will agree that without a Christmas tree, there is no Christmas. This is where Santa will leave the presents, and where the family can gather on the Christmas morning. Also, the origins of bringing an evergreen into your home span centuries, but it has remained with us throughout that time for a reason. So, what kind of tips do we have for you about the Christmas tree? Well, there are many things you can do with it. First, you might need some unpacking tips for all the decorations you have stored away.

A Christmas tree.

A tree is an essential part of Christmas.

Then, we just advise you to follow your heart. Decorating a Christmas tree is a family tradition, and many will have strong opinions about it. Some people like to make their own ornaments and hang them up on the tree. Others like to place only ornaments of one or two matching colors, like red and gold, or blue and silver. There are many Christmas tree ideas online, so it might be a great idea to spend an hour or two reading up on them before you begin.

Get a nice garland banner to welcome the guests

There is nothing that screams Christmas more (other than lights and the tree, of course) than a colorful Garland. And because they are so cheap, or easy to make, they are some of the best Christmas decorations for this year! Any guests will feel welcome to your home if there is a garland or a wreath waiting for them. And if it also has a wonderful little message, it will be even more personal!

These are great because you can use them everywhere. You can put them over your doors or entryways, but also above mantles or dining tables. Another great use for them is to fill up any blank space you might have – you can even hang them on a regular wall or staircase railings. Finally, you can use them for holiday cards! Don’t forget to send these, even when moving short-distance from your relatives!

The stockings will make the youngest ones the happiest!

Now, there is no greater magic for children than waking up to presents under the tree and inside the stockings. This is why, even if you don’t have a mantle, these are an essential part of the holiday spirit. First, you can either knit them yourself (there are many tutorials about it on the internet) or get them at your local store. You can also personalize them by adding children’s names on each stocking.

A room with the best Christmas decorations for this year.

All sorts of items will bring holiday cheer!

When it comes to hanging them, you can get creative. They will go great on the staircase railing, or under a garland on your wall. You can also find other creative ways where you can put them, but be careful! The kids will expect them to be full on the Christmas morning, so you might need to make sure they won’t be able to get to them during the night!

Use other household objects to bring in the Christmas cheer

Finally, some of the best Christmas decorations for this year are those already hiding in your home. You can ask the movers, after their assistance for your Chelsea move, to point you in the direction of the nearest textile store. There, you can find many holiday prints, and create blankets, couch covers, pillowcases, table runners and similar items out of it.

Finally, your sewing skills leave much to desire, you can just buy already made items in the store as well! This way, you will have the best Christmas decorations for this year – but you will also have new items of furniture too! If you have just moved, these will be very useful!