Some of us have ideas that moving up in life means buying a bigger home. However, that seems to be not true at all these days as property prices are rising, and maintaining those keeps getting more and more expensive. Especially in high-density populated places like NYC is. This is why we got on the idea to make a list of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for downsizing.

Now, to clarify from the start, most American families can easily downsize and still have lots of room without having to change anything in their lifestyles. Don’t believe us? Let’s talk numbers then.

The average home size nowadays is around 2,600 square feet, and that seems like not much space. However, in 1950 people lived in homes that were rarely bigger than 1,000 square feet. And we don’t have to remind you that families had more members then. All this means that today’s homeowners are living large. Moving into a smaller home can seem like a step-down, but there are plenty of benefits to this. You’ll save money, you’ll save time, and you’ll have less clutter in your life. Additionally, you’ll be able to explore Brooklyn properly after moving. What more could you want?

How to downsize

Before we start talking about the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for downsizing, you need to know how to do it properly. We know that smaller mortgage payments and less cleaning sound like a dream come true, but there are more things to this than that. Our professionals from Dynamic Movers NYC pointed out to us some things you need to consider to ensure that your downsizing doesn’t become a bad mistake.

  • Think long term. Plan ahead to make your transition a success. Maybe you’ll need more space in the future so be sure to account for that. On the other hand, your kids may be going to a college soon so you will be left with space. Think thoroughly and make sure that this the right time to do this.
  • Functionality is the key. Remember when your whole life fit in one dorm room? Well, get back in those times. Remember to declutter and donate anything you don’t need. You’ll have to keep things simple after downsizing to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Consider hidden costs. Does your home need some repairs to make it market-ready? Can your furniture fit inside the smaller apartment or will you need new pieces? There are also moving costs and property taxes. So, all of those can pile up if you’re not careful.
  • Get the big picture. Downsizing usually means that you’ll spend more time with your family. You won’t exactly be able to spread across four rooms, but isn’t spending more time together with our loved ones something that we all wish for?
Man thinking about best Brooklyn neighborhoods for downsizing.

Take your time and decide if now is the time for you to downsize.

Best Brooklyn neighborhoods for downsizing

Now when you’re sure that you want to downsize, and when you understand everything that you should understand, let’s get into the places for you to move to.

Dyker Heights

The first on our list is a Brooklyn neighborhood that is perfect for anyone who wants to downsize. Dyker Heights has a rich culture and a long history which are the integral parts of this place. It is easily accessible via bridges over the Belt Parkway and that is why it’s possible to move with ease in this neighborhood. Although it lacks things like shopping centers and eateries it is an amazing place to live. 

You’ll get to experience the true suburban feel if that’s what you’re looking for. Also, the place is a pretty big tourist spot as the annual display of Christmas lights draw in lots of people during the holidays. There’s a massive golf course available to all the enthusiasts. So, the sporty types are also secured. Just be sure to visit a neighborhood and try out your commute before you decide to move there.


Bushwick is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood that is home to a few ethnicities. A significant difference can be seen between low-income housing projects and, now well established, wealthier areas of Bushwick. This, however, means that you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for and that’s why this place is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for downsizing. 

For neighborhood relaxation, there’s the Memorial Gore Park, and for all of you that still love the nightlife, there are many restaurants and places to visit. In fact, some of the best bars for Brooklyn newcomers are located right here. People also love this place because of the convenient transportation options that can get you to Manhattan in no time.

Graffiti in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Bushwick is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for downsizing because of the number of apartment opportunities.


Often described as a crazy combination of urban and suburban, Midwood attracts mainly families. There are many single and multifamily houses to choose from so you shouldn’t have any problems with finding a perfect spot for you and your loved ones. Since it is a family neighborhood, you can expect it to be very peaceful and safe.

Culturally, this is a diverse place. Lifelong New Yorkers, Russians, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Bangladeshi, all living in perfect harmony. It’s not a sight that you see often these days. All of these things are the reasons why this is a great place to live, and why Midwood relocation is simple. Everything and everyone goes along here.

Brooklyn Heights

How could we finish this list of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods for downsizing without mentioning Brooklyn Heights? This is the place that gave its streets to be used in pretty much every Hollywood movie and in which you will find the most amazing spots in the entire borough. You’ll be blown away with iconic buildings that you have seen so many times on tv, and now are next to you. When it comes to food, you’ll have the best pizza in NYC available at all times. You won’t lack the touch of nature either as you’ll be living right on the river bank. Did we mention that housing is much more affordable here than in Manhattan?

Brooklyn bridge photographed from the street.

Brooklyn Heights is a postcard New York. There’s no need to say anything else.