Moves are anxiety-inducing even for an experienced person. For first-time movers, it can be even worse, but we are here to help with our beginners’ guide to moving from the Big Apple to Florida. We will provide you with as many details as possible to make your move easier. In this article, we will be covering every part of the move and also clarifying them. Essential parts of the move are planning, researching, packing, and unpacking.

Waves at the beach you can enjoy after moving from The Big Apple to Florida.
Get ready for your new home

Planning your move from the Big Apple to Florida

The first step of this guide for moving from the Big Apple to Florida is planning. Planning is the most important part because if it’s done correctly it will make every other part of the move easier. Here are some things your to-do list should cover.

  • The first part of the plan should be to decide if you are going to move from the Big Apple to Florida alone or you are planning to rely on assistance in the area. If you choose the latter option, you will experience numerous benefits. Professionals from Florida know the area and they can handle your relocation smoothly. Furthermore, they will take on responsibility for each and every aspect of the move, from packing to unpacking. However, if you decide to do it yourself continue reading for more tips.
  • The second part of your plan should be to go around your house and see if you can toss some of your unwanted belongings. By decluttering your home you will save money on moving supplies. You can also have a garage sale and make money on your undesirable stuff. If you have trouble deciding what stuff to throw away, make three piles. Make a keep, maybe keep, and a throw-away pile.
  • The third part of your plan should be to get the right supplies. Getting the right supplies is very important because they keep your things safe during transportation. You should start by getting some good and not damaged moving boxes. Try to find free moving boxes in your local grocery stores, liquor stores, or any establishment that throws away their used boxes. For a greener option, you can use moving bins. Moving bins are very stable, you can also reuse them after the move for storage. Find different kinds of padding that will protect your stuff during the move. Get stuff like packing peanuts, wrapping sheets, bubble pack, or use your old blankets. To secure the boxes during the move get a good tape and use it with a tape gun. For labeling your boxes have some markers ready.
  • The last part of your plan should be researching moving companies. Moving with the experts at is undoubtedly a good decision.
A woman getting ready to write a plan for moving from the Big Apple to Florida.
Plan your relocaton carefully and well in advance.

Researching moving companies for your relocation

If you decide to hire a moving company you should start doing your research asap. Figure out what size truck you need and ask moving companies if they can provide it for you. Ask your friends if they have had any experience with the moving companies you are looking into. Read reviews on as many movers as you can.

Get as many quotes as you can so that you can compare them. Price between moving companies can vary a lot. Pick a moving company that best suits your budget.

When you have decided on your moving company book them early. Book them on a weekday because you might get a discount. Weekends are usually very busy, a lot of people move at weekends so moving companies usually charge more.

Packing for your move from the Big Apple to Florida

Now we get to the hard part. Planning and doing research needs brainpower. However, packing requires using our mussels. To help you pack and move out of New York like a pro we will go into every aspect of packing.

  • If you know when you are going to move start packing a month in advance. By starting early you can make packing a daily routine and not a hard task.
  • Start by packing the rooms that you don’t use as much and pack the stuff that you don’t use on the daily basis. Start with the attic or basement and leave your bedroom and bathroom for the end of your packing. As the moving day approaches pack the more important stuff.
  • While you are packing label the boxes by room and by the type of stuff that is in them.
  • When packing you should line the bottom of the moving box or bin with padding. Then but the heaviest things first in your moving boxes and lighter things on top. Fill the gaps between the stuff in the boxes with cushioning to provide extra support.
  • Tape your boxes well, so we won’t lose some of our belongings during the drive. For more belongings that are dear to us and have fond memories attached to them, we recommend carrying them with us during the move.
  • When the moving day comes we recommend getting some friends that will help you load the truck. Avoid loading the truck by yourself because loading heavy things can cause injury. Use special equipment.
A man settling in after moving from the Big Apple to Florida.
Organized packing equals easy unpacking.

Unpacking after moving from the Big Apple to Florida

When you have finally executed your move from Big Apple to Florida it’s time to unpack. Unpacking is the easiest part of the move it’s completely done on your own time, with no deadlines, no worries. Do it over a couple of weeks. Start by unpacking the things that you will use daily. When you have finished unpacking you can start to readjust yourself to your new life in Florida.