There are five boroughs in NYC. While most people are familiar with Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, Staten Island is sometimes overlooked, earning it the nickname “the forgotten borough” among residents. Few people take the time to explore the region. Because of this, Staten Island continues to be one of New York City’s best-kept secrets. And yet, there are reasons why families love Staten Island. Luckily, we can explain them to you and eventually, you might want to make this part of NYC your new home location.

1.  Affordability

Indeed, you cannot compare Staten Island’s housing costs to those in Brooklyn or Manhattan. In Staten Island, you may find more affordable housing and acquire a good-sized house. After all, owning a big home in Manhattan is almost impossible. Only the wealthy and fortunate can afford it. We assure you that you are not alone if you are sick of paying exorbitant rent for a small apartment. So if money is an issue, moving to Staten Island should immediately resolve it. Moreover, obtaining a home improvement permit and solving the problems with your house will be simple. In this manner, you may afford to live in the house of your dreams and still be close to all the commotion of NYC.

A calculator to calculate the costs of living in Staten Island which are one of the reasons why families love Staten Island.
Affordability is surely one of the reasons why families love Staten Island.

Furthermore, if you just want to move from one borough to another, you can team up with local experts and be in Staten Island in no time. Professional movers can make your small move in NYC a breeze and won’t cost you a fortune.

2.  Weather is great

The precipitation that falls on Staten Island annually is about 47 inches yearly. Yet in the spring and summer, this rain transforms the parks and green areas into stunning displays of color as the plants, trees, and flowers bloom.

June through September is the hot, muggy, and rainy summer months here, with average high temperatures of 77 degrees. Even though Staten Island has some of New York City’s most excellent beaches open to the public, surprisingly few visitors visit this borough during these months. Midland Beach on Staten Island, with its gorgeous seas and 2.5-mile boardwalk, is one of the top beaches for residents.

December through March is the island’s winter months, notorious for being chilly, snowy, and windy. High temperatures seldom get above 49 degrees, and there are at least 25 inches of snowfall yearly. There are many indoor things to do on the Island, even though you can’t spend as much time at the beach during these months.

3.  Job opportunities are all over

One of the reasons families love Staten Island is the job opportunities. There are excellent work options if you’re an adult relocating to Staten Island with your family. In truth, the job market on Staten Island has grown over the past years. Additionally, future job growth is expected during the next ten years. Moreover, jobs are available in many sectors, including agriculture, construction, wholesale and retail commerce, banking, and insurance, among many others. Moving to Staten Island is a terrific option for families and single adults for many reasons, including the wide range of available career options.

A business woman in a costume holding a laptop.
Job opportunities in Staten Island are ample.

4.  It’s safe and quiet

After a long day of work, Staten Island is a terrific spot to unwind and relax if you’re sick of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. There isn’t a vibrant nightlife in this area, so you won’t have to worry about loud music playing all night. Furthermore, the crime rate is relatively low compared to other NYC boroughs. In reality, a few neighborhoods are renowned for their high safety ratings of A+, below-average crime rates compared to the rest of the country, low unemployment, and high-income levels. Young professionals, families, and even retirees who want to experience New York City life with less stress are drawn to these communities by the certainty of safety and security.

Even though it may be quiet, you can still do many things. And that takes us to the following reason why families love Staten Island.

5.  Plenty of activities

The island, also known as The Borough of Parks, contains 170 parks, including Clove Lakes, High Rock, Greenbelt, and more. Staten Island offers the best of both worlds for those who enjoy being outside but still want to be close to Manhattan. Those drawn to adventure and discovery love Staten Island’s little islands. For those who enjoy being outside, Moses Mountain offers a rejuvenating climb with breathtaking views.

At the same time, Staten Island has a distinctive past, one that is marked by multicultural beginnings and roots that range from the Dutch to the British. This past that came before growth and invention makes it one of the fascinating locations in New York and even the United States of America. Many attractions and monuments still exist, representing the extensive legacy and history of the Island and, by extension, New York, scattered around the island, making it easy to discover remnants of its rich history.

The South Beach Area, located on the eastern shore of Staten Island, is one of the most popular parks, offering beach access and picturesque views of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Additionally, the Local Fire House Engine 161 Ladder 81 and all other firehouses throughout the Island provide essential services to the community. The Sandy Memorial Garden at the Dolphin Circle honors those who lost their lives during Hurricane Sandy, serving as a reminder of the Island’s resilience in the face of adversity. The Island boasts an indoor professional running track for fitness enthusiasts, perfect for staying active year-round. Staten Island’s rich history is also reflected in its attractions, such as the Alice Austen House and the Conference House, which played significant roles in American history.

6.  The food scene is amazing

Many different restaurants and meals are available on Staten Island, including French, Chinese, Spanish, and Italian options. It is hardly surprising that there are numerous restaurants and stores with an Italian flavor, given that more than 30 percent of the Island’s population is Italian. That is a genuine New York City experience where you can discover some of the most excellent Italian-American-style pizza.

Furthermore, the chefs and cooks in Staten Island range from family-owned eateries to Michelin-star chefs who serve a 5-star dish every evening. There is a cuisine for everyone, including eclectic or comfort food.

Foode served at a restaurant.
The food scene is amazing.

7.  Staten Island is great for families

Staten Island is the best place to live if you want to start your family since it has everything a parent might wish. It has everything from an excellent educational system to safe neighborhoods, larger homes, and plenty of family activities.

Moreover, in addition to a wide range of private and charter schools, Staten Island has some of the most outstanding public schools in New York City. Even better, your children may complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees at the College of Staten Island while continuing to live in Staten Island.

Final words

As you can see, families love Staten Island for plenty of reasons. It is safe and affordable. There are excellent job opportunities and schooling options, and, most of all, the Staten Island community is welcoming. So don’t think twice about relocating here.