In search of inspiration, community, and opportunities, artists often gravitate toward specific cities or regions that are known for their vibrant arts scenes and creative environments. That’s why, urban centers such as New York City and Los Angeles have long been magnets for artists seeking to immerse themselves in diverse cultural experiences and connect with like-minded individuals. These cities offer an array of galleries, museums, theaters, music venues, and artistic events that foster artistic growth and exposure. In other words, both of them have so much to offer to these experts! However, in this text, you’ll find 7 major differences between LA and NYC according to artists! So, check them out, so you can easily figure out which one of these locations can be the perfect place to become your next home!

1 – For starters, the cultural scenes are quite different

The cultural scenes of Los Angeles and New York City showcase distinct and contrasting characteristics reflective of each city’s unique identity! For instance, LA’s cultural landscape is heavily influenced by its association with the entertainment industry. And that is making it a hub for film studios, music production, and celebrity-driven events. On the other hand, NYC boasts a more diversified and traditional cultural scene, with a rich history of theater, dance, visual arts, and literary excellence. That’s why there are plenty of reasons why artists love Brooklyn, why there are so many cultural events in Manhattan, etc.

A woman is thinking about moving and the differences between LA and NYC according to artists.
Anyhow, when picking the right spot for you, it is important to take your time to find out what both of these cities have to offer artists!

2 – Urban landscape – one of the major differences between LA and NYC according to artists

You should know that the urban environment in LA and NYC varies significantly. For instance, if you decide to live in Los Angeles, you’ll enjoy beautiful suburban neighborhoods, palm tree-lined streets, etc. Also, this city provides beautiful beaches, amazing entertainment options, and plenty of other things for artists. So, if you think such an environment is perfect for artists like yourself, you should consider relocating here. Take your time to find out what else LA has to offer, and visit websites like to learn how to organize and perform that move. There, you’ll collect a bunch of tips and tricks that you can use to properly prepare for the upcoming relocating project, pack your belongings, and so on.

However, if you are looking for a more bustling location to become your new home, you’ll have plenty of reasons to relocate to NYC. The Big Apple boasts a dense and iconic skyline, bustling streets, and an extensive public transportation system. Also, this city offers various cultural events where you can meet local artists and have lots of fun!

3 – Weather and climate

This is another big difference between LA and the Big Apple! People in LA enjoy a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The city experiences relatively stable and pleasant temperatures year-round. However, if you opt for NYC, you can expect a humid subtropical climate characterized by four distinct seasons.

Anyhow, these differing climates significantly impact the lifestyles, activities, and attire of residents in each city. Therefore, before you begin working on your move and make your new place feel like home, you should consider visiting LA and NYC. Thanks to those trips, you can figure out which climate condition works for you the best!

Los Angeles.
As you can see, there are lots of differences between LA and NYC according to artists!

4 – Artistic communities

Well, LA’s artistic community is closely tied to the entertainment industry, and it is driven by Hollywood’s film and television studios! As a result, it emphasizes the fields of filmmaking, acting, and music. And that is exactly what attracts aspiring artists to start a new life in that city. Also, there are plenty of top artist residencies in Los Angeles, places they hang out, etc.

However, if you are looking for something different, you should come to the Big Apple! NYC boasts a more diverse and traditional arts scene, encompassing theater, dance, visual arts, literature, and independent filmmaking. The city’s dense urban environment fosters a close-knit artistic community. That allows artists to collaborate, interact, and showcase their work in a multitude of galleries, theaters, and cultural venues.

5 – The costs of living between LA and NYC

The cost of living can have a substantial impact on residents’ lifestyles and financial considerations. NYC consistently ranks among the most expensive cities in the world, with high costs of housing, transportation, and daily expenses. While LA is also known for its relatively high cost of living, it generally fares slightly better than NYC, particularly in terms of housing expenses. The sprawling nature of LA and the dependence on cars can affect transportation costs, but the city’s housing options may offer more affordable alternatives, particularly in the suburbs. 

You should know that NYC has lots of things to offer to artists!

6 – Influence and inspiration – between LA and NYC according to artists

As mentioned earlier, LA’s allure lies in its connection to the entertainment industry. Also, LA’s natural beauty, sunny weather, and proximity to the Pacific Ocean also provide a distinct backdrop for creativity.

On the other hand, NYC’s bustling streets, iconic landmarks, and vibrant neighborhoods offer a rich tapestry of inspiration for artists across various disciplines. The dynamic energy and the constant flux of New York City stimulate artists’ senses. Thanks to that, in no time, they can set up art exhibitions, find ways to express themselves, etc.

7 – Work opportunities

So, this is another major difference between LA and NYC according to artists! The work opportunities for artists in Los Angeles are mostly focused on the entertainment industry. So, you can find jobs in film, television, and music. Also, the city’s vast network of studios, production companies, and talent agencies attracts artists seeking to establish careers in Hollywood. On the other hand, NYC’s artistic opportunities span a broader spectrum, encompassing theater, dance, visual arts, literature, and more. Broadway and off-Broadway theaters, renowned art galleries, literary festivals, and independent production houses cater to a diverse array of artistic talents.