Choosing New York for your new home can be a great decision. But there are things you need to know before and after moving into your first New York rental. For a city like this one, you will need a guide. New York is like no other. That’s why they call it “make it or break it city”. But settling in is not an easy task. Chances are you will be needing some help. We would like to point you in the right direction with our guide so, keep reading.

#1 Before you unpack

Since this is not your home and yet it is your responsibility, you need to have some evidence. Before you unpack all your moving boxes, take some pictures. Take pictures of the whole place and especially the parts that look bad like any cracks in the wall and similar. Your landlord doesn’t have to be a stereotypical (bad) one but this is just for your own safety. Document the condition of your new home to protect yourself before moving into your first New York rental.

A young woman signing a lease
An honest conversation can be beneficial for you and your landlord. Keep reading to see why.

#2 Talk to your landlord about alterations

You will be living here but it is not your place. So, you should talk to your landlord about what is ok and what is not. If you talk upfront, you can avoid any unpleasantries later on. Ask what you can do and how you can decorate your new rental. Chances are you will be able to do more than you think. You don’t have to live in a place you don’t like so it’s perfectly fine if you want to decorate and do some alterations. After all, you will be living here for quite some time. Why not make it cozy for you? You need to prepare for NYC. Start from your new home.

#3 Unpacking after moving into your first New York rental

Now that you know what is ok and what is not, you can start unpacking and settling in your first New York rental. That is quite exciting, isn’t it? Unpacking is not an easy thing to do. For some, it’s harder than packing (mainly because you are tired after the relocation itself). That’s why we have some tips for you :

  • never open boxes randomly, that will create a chaos
  • start with necessities like your phone charger, meds, and such items
  • your kitchen should be unpacked first
  • then you can move to your bedroom stuff
  • bathroom comes third
  • now you can do any necessary assembly that awaits you
  • utility areas should come last since they are the least important but what if you don’t have that space now?

We will talk about the lack of space (the common problem in this city). But before we do that, we wanted to tell you that you don’t have to unpack all by yourself. You can always enlist the help of trustworthy people and make the process much quicker.

A couple unpacking after moving
Unpacking can be tough but with the right person, it could be fun. The same goes for skilled crews. They can make the whole process much easier.

#4 Finding storage for your excess stuff

Chances are your first New rental will be small. For you, that means that you will need to downsize. Also, that means you have a lot of decluttering to do. It’s just the way it is. The prices in NYC are extremely high and many people simply can’t afford to live in a big apartment. That doesn’t mean you don’t get to keep all your household items. You can simply find a storage facility nearby and keep your things there until you are ready to get a bigger place. Talk to the experts at about this and maybe they will be able to find you a good solution.

#5 Meeting your new neighbors

We all know about the horrible stories about NYC and rude neighbors. This is just a stereotype. It doesn’t mean that your neighbors will be rude or horrible. This is the most diverse city in the world. You will find people of all sorts, religions, skin colors and everything else. There is a place for everyone here. That means your new neighbors can be awesome as well. So, one of the first things you need to do (after you are settled in your first New York rental) is to start meeting your new neighbors. Maybe you can make a welcoming party? Or start small just by telling them hi. You will be surprised to see how many new and interesting people you can find in this city no matter which borough you choose. We especially like Brooklyn and think it’s quite charming.

best friends
Maybe your new best friend is just around the corner. Start mingling and maybe you will find your new crew here. NYC is full of possibilities.

#6 Exploring New York

We saved the best for last obviously. It’s safe to say that New York City isn’t short on things to do, eat, or buy. As a matter of fact, it may have more attractions than any other American city. A place where you can sample cuisine from around the world, peruse the latest and greatest in the worlds of theater, cinema, art, music, and even dance. Also, you can find a lot of kid-friendly places in NYC.

You can also meet the most up-and-coming artists. The city of New York is full of opportunities for ambitious individuals who believe that if they can make it here, they can make it anywhere. It sounds wonderful, but you should know that NYC is huge. It will take a lot of time to explore this city. That’s why you should start with the biggest tourist attractions and work your way up. Good luck, and have fun! Your first New York rental will surely be quite fun.