The Garden State is an excellent location for starting a new life. And if you are planning on leaving NY for this area, you won’t make a mistake coming here. Anyhow, to be certain you have selected the most suitable part of the state to be your next home, you should keep reading this text. Here, you will discover which 6 New Jersey places every New Yorker loves spending time in!

1 – Well, Fort Lee is one of those great places in New Jersey that every New Yorker loves spending time in

This will be a nice option if you are coming to NJ from NY with your family. Here, your children will get a chance to grow up in a safe environment. They will go to good schools, enjoy a wide range of events, kid-friendly amusement opportunities, etc. Apart from that, you will have affordable costs of living and housing as a benefit as well. Those are, for sure, major reasons why young New Yorkers love Fort Lee, NJ. Also, seniors find this city quite attractive because it offers lots of green spaces, activities, attractions, and amusement options.

Anyhow, if you are wondering what else Fort Lee has to offer, you should consider visiting this city a few times before the move. Those trips will help you meet the area, get to know the locals, etc.

Jersey City is one of the best New Jersey places every New Yorker loves living in.
Another place that will blow your mind is, for sure, Jersey City!

2 – Jersey City has plenty of reasons to be one of the best New Jersey places every New Yorker loves living in

If you decide to move to Jersey City, you can expect lots of benefits at your disposal. This part of NJ will offer you great residential options, entertainment opportunities, etc. Also, here you will have a chance to enjoy various cultural events, attractions, recreational activities, and other things. Apart from that, people from NY love Jersey City because of its proximity to Manhattan, it is a great location for raising a family, etc.

Well, as you can see, this part of NJ has everything you might need to start a new life. So, if you share the same opinion, you can think about leaving NYC for this place. Anyhow, to take care of that moving project with ease, check out what a website such as has at your disposal. You see, this is a spot where you will find plenty of relocating tips and tricks. You can use those amazing hacks to simplify your move from the Big Apple to wherever you want in New Jersey. And thanks to them, you will be able to organize the move in no time, handle packing efficiently, deal with other moving tasks like a pro, etc.

3 – If you come to Edison…

You can also expect lots of great things for enjoyment. Edison will offer you plenty of job opportunities, good schools, entertainment options, etc. Also, when it comes to activities and attractions, you will have lots of choices at your disposal. For example, you will like spending time in:

  • Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park
  • New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center
  • Roosevelt Park

You should know that Edison is also one of the most desirable New Jersey locations close to NYC. So, if you are looking for a city that is affordable and that you can easily reach from New York City, this is the place that should become your next home!

A couple is walking and drinking coffee.
Well, there are lots of great New Jersey places every New Yorker loves being in!

4 – West Orange will blow your mind too

Another great location for you to check out will be, for sure, West Orange. This incredible place will offer you so many benefits, so you can rest knowing you selected a great location to be your next home! As a resident of West Orange, you will enjoy a great environment, the company of friendly people, etc. Also, you will love its green spaces, entertainment options, and a bunch of other amazing things to see and do!

So, if you think West Orange has everything you might need to settle down after leaving NYC, you should consider relocating there. And to move there like a pro, feel free to ask moving specialists for help. You see, experts are the best assistance when it comes to equipping your new home for your arrival. Therefore, you should give them a call when coming to West Orage. Thanks to them, you can complete the move in no time, and place your belongings in your NJ residence with ease, etc. In other words, they will handle every moving-in task, so you won’t have anything to worry about! 

5 – Newark is another place in New Jersey every New Yorker loves living in

The next location you should check out is, of course, Newark. This city will offer you plenty of job opportunities and business benefits. Also, you will have numerous amusement options for enjoyment at your disposal. Apart from that, you will love the art scene in Newark, places to go out, etc. In other words, it is no wonder why Newark is one of the most popular New Jersey places among New Yorkers who are planning a move. So, if you have an opportunity to start a new chapter in this part of NJ, you will have lots of reasons to pick this city to become your next home!

Newark, NJ.
As you can see, in Newark, you can also find everything you need to start a new life!

6 – Hoboken can be a great choice as well

You should know that Hoboken is also one of the greatest New Jersey places every New Yorker loves spending time in. So, if you decide to make this city your new home, you should know that you won’t make a mistake coming here. Hoboken will offer you incredible locations to raise your family. Also, you will like its proximity to Manhattan, affordable costs of living, and, for sure, great residential options. In other words, Hoboken has pretty much everything you might require to start a new life in NJ!