If you have a chance to experience student life in Long Island City, you should not waste it! This place in Queens is highly recommended for starting a new chapter because it offers so many benefits for enjoyment. However, to find out what attracts young people to move here, you might want to keep reading this text. Here, you will discover 5 reasons why students love living in Long Island City!

However, before you dive into this article, you need to do some homework on your own. For starters, take your time to explore Long Island City and this part of Queens. Also, collect plenty of survival tips for college students in New York that will help you adjust to the new circumstances a lot faster. Apart from that, learn how to get ready for the house hunt, moving project, etc. 

A student is enjoying living in Long Island City.
Long Island City is a wonderful place to begin your student life!

1 – A great location is one of the best reasons why students love living in Long Island City

This is, for sure, one of the best benefits of being in Long Island City. You see, this place is only a few minutes away from Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can also get to other Queens neighborhoods quickly. Therefore, whenever you desire to explore the Big Apple, you can do that easily from Long Island City.

So, once you relocate here, you will have enough time to properly get to know this part of Queens. So, to become a resident in no time, you might want to collect plenty of moving tips and tricks at your disposal. Also, check out a website like nycministorage.com in case you need a storage solution for students. There you can find lots of great deals, so you won’t make a mistake by visiting there. Anyhow, when you take care of those things, you will be ready to settle in and begin a new chapter in Long Island City!

2 – Affordable costs of living

Since you are planning on living in New York City, you need to prepare your budget for such a lifestyle. But, considering your choice is Long Island City, you can expect to not break your budget to enjoy everything Queens and the Big Apple have to offer. Therefore, you can rest knowing you won’t have to pay a high price for renting a home. Also, other costs in Long Island City are lower than in some other parts of NYC.

Anyway, before you move here, you need to do proper homework about the costs. Take your time to find out how to get a budget-friendly place to live. Also, collect some precious tips for first-time renters that can help you find the most suitable property. Apart from housing, learn how much will cost you the utility costs, groceries, etc.

A man.
Take your time to discover why students love living in Long Island City!

3 – Lots of things to see and do

Anyhow, before you begin exploring entertainment options, you need to become a resident. So, take your time to prepare for relocation to Long Island City. Also, have a plan for settling down! For example, once you arrive at your new home, get ready to unpack those items you moved with you. And think about using storage services if you need to put excess stuff in a unit. These solutions are always recommended, so you won’t make a mistake using them. Once you take care of that and move in like a pro, you can focus on having fun in Long Island City!

Speaking of fun, in this part of Queens, you will have lots of reasons to spend time outdoors. Well, since you are a newcomer, you can prepare for meeting the area. Therefore, while wandering around, you will notice lots of bars and restaurants. Also, you can consider visiting a museum, a theater, etc. In other words, you will never be bored in Long Island City!

4 – Great environment is also why students love living in Long Island City

As mentioned earlier, the location of Long Island City is quite convenient. But you should also know that this place will offer you a beautiful area for exploring. You see, Long Island City is a neighborhood of Queens that has water access. Thanks to that benefit, students can come to Gantry Plaza State Park whenever they seek relaxation. There, you will enjoy peaceful surroundings and stunning views of Manhattan. Also, you will like spending time in its parks and other green spaces, having fun in other parts of Queens, etc.

Anyhow, before you start living in this place, you need to complete the relocation project. To do that like a pro, collect lots of packing hacks, get yourself a moving day checklist for college students, and be ready to take care of a bunch of other tasks. When you handle the move, it will be time to settle down. Since you are a student, feel free to mingle with the locals. That is important to do because it will help you adjust to the new circumstances a lot faster. 

Also, you should know that in Long Island City, you won’t have any trouble finding friends!

5 – Young people are everywhere!

This is, for sure, another reason why students love living in Long Island City! Therefore, as a resident, you will be able to meet people and find new friends in no time. You see, in Long Island City, there are lots of spots where young people hang out. Some of those places are bars, clubs, and breweries. So, if you like going out, it is highly recommended that you visit those spots.

Anyway, once you begin living in Long Island City, you will see a bunch of students and young professionals in this neighborhood. Apart from that, you will run into lots of families as well. That’s why, you should know that even if you are planning on staying in Long Island City after your studies, you won’t make a mistake!