New York is one of the best places for a young person to live in. There are plenty of fun things to do, different people to meet, and job opportunities to explore. But New York is not for everyone. It can be very hectic and busy. There is not a day when there aren’t millions of people walking on the streets. But this is not the only reason why New Yorker millennials are leaving New York. And a lot of them are leaving to Canada. Canada has plenty of qualities New York doesn’t. And since we have noticed an increase of New Yorker millennials moving to Canada, we have decided to research just why millennials love Canada. What makes moving to Canada better than living in New York? If this is a question you want to get an answer to, you came to the right place. We did the research and found five reasons why New York millennials love Canada and why so many of them are moving there.

It is more peacefull

As we said, New York is a pretty hectic place to live in. And it is all fun when you are young. But as you start to get older and certain things become a priority, people stop being able to handle all the fuss of New York. And Canada is the complete opposite of New York when this is the question. It is very peaceful and quiet. This is just what a lot of young people are searching for as they are ready to settle in a good place with a partner and start a family. Starting a family in a city such as Ottawa is much better than doing so in New York.

Mother and daughter.
If planning on starting a family, Canada is the perfect place for it as it is safe.

Plus, New York is not very safe. The crime rates here are high. But that is not the case with Canada. No matter where in Canada, you won’t have to worry about getting mugged on the street or having somebody break into your home. It is not that this doesn’t happen in Canada but it is less likely to happen. We think that just this information alone is enough to make you want to move to Canada to a city such as Ottawa with as safety should be everyone’s priority.

It’s a perfect place for children to grow up in

Now that we have touched on the topic of starting a family, we have to also tell you that one of the reasons why New York millennials love Canada is the fact that this is the perfect place for children to grow up in. Not only for the fact that it is a safe city but also because there are plenty of great schools here. You will be able to choose both between a private and a public school for your child. They are modern and your children will be going to school with other children from all over the world. And this is another reason why millennials love Canada. A lot of young people move to Canada for college as well which tells you a lot about them – they are great.

Canada is diverse

One of the best words to use to describe Canada is diverse. Diversity is present in all forms in Canada. Among people too. There are people from all over the world living in Canada and a lot more of them are yet to move here. This means that there are also plenty of shops and restaurants opened by the people who moved across the ocean. And of course, this leads to the conclusion that there are plenty of different things for you to try here. But not only try, but also do as well.

Nature in Canada.
There are plenty of wonderful sights to see in Canada as it is a diverse place in regards to everything.

Canada is diverse when it comes to what you can do for fun too. You can spend a lot of time in nature, exploring the national parks, mountains, lakes, rivers forests, towns, cities, and anything that comes to your mind. But you can also head over to one of many fancy restaurants, modern and history museums, cinemas, theatres, and anything else you can think of. Canada is diverse when it comes to everything as we said and there is something for everybody here which is exactly why millennials love it so much and why they are moving to Canada in such large numbers.

Great housing

The next thing about Canada that millennials love is the fact that housing here is amazing. Both houses and apartments are very modern and spacious. There is plenty of storage space in Canadian homes which is perfect for big families. This means that you can store everything in your home. But even if you run out of storage space, you can rent out a storage unit and leave items in a safe facility. Ottawa is a city with plenty of great storage facilities. Renting them is a great idea if you happen to run out of storage space.

Canada homes.
There are plenty of amazing homes in Canada.


When compared to New York, Canada is very affordable. And this is exactly why more and more millennials are moving to Canada. There are plenty of small towns where living is not expensive yet it is amazing and you have everything you need and much more. Niagara Falls, Ottawa, and Calgary are the two places we recommend considering moving to. They are big cities but not too big. They are safe and they have everything you need. And the best thing is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to live a nice life with your family.