New York stands out as one of the best places to live in the USA. And there are many reasons why NY gained such a prestigious title. It’s filled with beautiful cities with amenities. One such place is Nyack. This NYC suburb with about 7,000 residents has something for people of all ages. Regardless if you’re 8 or 88, man or woman, rich or poor, you’ll love life in Nyack. Once you move here, you’ll see you have made the right choice. However, here’s a list of 5 reasons to move to Nyack with some tips on how to make relocation here easier. 

So, if you are on the fence about moving to Nyack, get to know why this is a great place to live in. Then you can start learning how to find affordable moving and storage services in NYC to help you relocate here. 

Street Neighborhood Cars Homes - Reasons to move to Nyack
There are so many reasons to move to Nyack.

1.Closeness to New York City

The first but certainly not the main reason to move to Nyack is the fact that it’s located very close to NYC. Living near a large city is usually better than living in a big city. New York City is an amazing metropolis, that isn’t something to doubt. However, it is pretty busy and crowded. And that’s not the case in Nyack. But, living in Nyack also allows you to go to NYC easily any time you want since they are well-connected. 

Living in Nyack allows you to work in NYC as well. So, you can earn more and spend less since you’ll not live in the city center but in a suburban part of the city. That’s a pretty good reason to hire Slattery Moving and Storage and move here. Nyack is located on the west shore of the Hudson River, just 25 miles north of New York City. Getting to NYC is easy via the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge on Interstate 287. You can access this road from any part of the town.

2.Reasons to move to Nyack – It’s not a small town

Nyack is a perfect size town, not too big but not very small either. There’s everything you may need here. Famous for its antiques, diverse community, and fine restaurants, it’s a popular place to live for those who seek a small-town environment with a cosmopolitan flavor. The downtown area is the center of Nyack’s active social life. It’s a regional attraction with festivals, street fairs, parades, a farmer’s market. Then, there are theaters, restaurants, and nightclubs. Nyack is also a shopper’s paradise. There are numerous unique shops, boutiques, and malls. So, this isn’t a boring place to live in. There are many things to see and do here regardless of your age.

But, perhaps the biggest draw here is the amazing view of the Hudon River. There are Nyack Beach State Park and Memorial Park overlooking the river. These are great places to have a fun day outside and admire the beautiful view of the Hudson River. Also, there’s the Nyack Boat Charter for public or private tours through the Hudson. And if all this sounds appealing to you, make sure you hire movers and relocate to this beautiful place. However, before you do that, learn how to recognize fraudulent moving companies. you don’t want to become a victim of a moving scam, right? That’s why it’s important to understand this. 

Sun Skyline River
Move to Nyack and enjoy beautiful view over the Hudson River.

3.Housing options

As it’s said before, Nyack isn’t a small town at all. Therefore, there are plenty of housing options here. So, you’ll have the opportunity to examine the real estate market and compare the prices in different neighborhoods. This is very helpful. You may choose to rent a home in Nyack for a while until you can purchase the perfect house and relocate. If that occurs to you, local teams can assist you with anything regarding the relocation. There are plenty of professional moving companies here to choose from. So, don’t worry, you’ll be able to find moving help easily.

The home sizes in Nyack are different. So, you’ll have the option to pick the perfect home size for you and that’s a great thing. Building new houses is also popular here, so you can even consider this. 

4.Nyack is a safe place

A very important thing to pay attention to when moving is city safety. Why would you want to move to a place where you need to constantly worry about safety. Or you need to worry about the safety of your kids, your car, and your home. Why would you even move to such a place? Living in a safe place with low crime is very important, especially when you have kids. You do not want to constantly worry about those things, and you’ll not have to if you relocate to Nyack. This is one of the safest places in the state. Nyack is a very peaceful town and crime rates are slim to none in this town, too. So, you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to safety here.

5.Reasons to move to Nyack – Great education opportunities

Nyack is home to top-rated schools and that’s one of the main draws for families. Schools here have less crowded classrooms and more teachers. Also, it’s easier for children to be social in this family-friendly suburb. The Nyack Union Free School District is committed to fostering scholastic excellence, cultural appreciation, and ethical behavior. Nyack High School is one of the best public high schools in the USA. Also, Nyack has a middle school and three elementary schools. Furthermore, five colleges and universities are in this area too. They include Nyack College, Dominican College, and St. Thomas Aquinas College. Also, Long Island University-Orangeburg Campus is included. So, if you’re moving to New York with kids you should consider Nyack as your future home. Relocate here and you will not have to worry about your kids’ education.

Study Learn School
Nyack offers great education opportunities.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are abundant reasons to move to Nyack and they are all equally good. So, relocating and starting a new life in this suburb can’t be a bad thing. There are lots of benefits of moving to Nyack. So, good luck and hopefully you’ll be able to find happiness here. But, with everything Nyack has to offer, it’s hardly doubting.