It’s always exhilarating to move to a new state. However, because you are joining a whole new system, the move is a daunting task. Even while moving firms are making moves easier and more coordinated, there are always obstacles to overcome. During your cross-country relocation, you may confront a lot of challenges. That is why our experts from NYC Moving listed the top 5 challenges you should prepare for when moving from NYC to Seattle!

The most common challenges when moving from NYC to Seattle

There are many challenges that you can face when moving from New York City to Seattle. That is why it is crucial to be prepared when you are organizing a move. The 5 most common challenges that you should prepare for are:

  • Different culture
  • Finding a proper moving company
  • Finding a good realtor
  • Learning the public transportation system
  • Making new friends

Different culture

Every city or state has its own distinct culture, cost of life, employers, and laws. If you’re relocating for employment, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with your new firm or organization. You’ll be starting your life in a new city, so learn about local shopping, schools, neighborhoods, and recreational opportunities. But how will you learn all of this if you don’t go to the city or state? The answer is to use online guides that outline everything about Seattle. On some of the websites, you can ask inquiries regarding the locations. You might ask any friends or family who live in that city for information.

Seattle public farmers market
A local market is a great place to get a feel for the community!

Each state’s culture is distinct, and you’ll need to give yourself some time to adjust after moving from NYC to Seattle. Once you’ve finished unpacking and are ready to go on a new adventure in your new home, try to make new friendships. Learn about the local culture and festivities by interacting with your neighbors. You can acquire the local language to fit into the culture if you have moved to a state where the language is different. Participate in various hobbies, and outdoor activities, and join local community groups if you want to immerse yourself in your new state’s culture and surroundings.

Finding a proper moving company

One of the most difficult aspects of planning a cross-state move is figuring out how to get across state lines. Relocation can be planned in one of two ways: do it yourself or hire a full-service moving company. If you’re considering a long-distance move, DIY moving can be difficult. As you must move big appliances, furniture, and large boxes yourself here, you risk getting wounded. It can be exhausting to drive across the state. As a result, hiring a full-service moving company is the ideal alternative. Now the question is, how can you get the ideal mover for your relocation? You can look for them online or ask your friends and relatives for recommendations.

If you have a lot of things and you didn’t find a place in Seattle yet, you should also look up storage companies. There are many companies that offer a suitable option for your needs, which is a great thing. That way you won’t have to rent a bigger storage unit than you need or even two smaller ones. This is a great thing that became very popular in Seattle in the last couple of years!

Finding a good realtor

Choosing the appropriate realtor is a crucial, but difficult, step in the moving process. It’s critical to find a realtor that you trust to look out for your best interests and those of your family. It is critical to choose a realtor who will provide you with essential insight, from market knowledge and communication abilities to negotiation skills. A skilled realtor will be able to point out any difficulties, and benefits, and answer any questions you might have, as well as think of topics you might not have considered.

Seattle at night
Even though there is a lot of apartments in Seattle, having a realtor by your side will be crucial

If you don’t get a good realtor you will for sure have to get storage, because the chances of getting a place that is ready to move into without one is very tough. This is why getting a realtor is crucial, but if you don’t manage to get one, companies like will take care of your items.

Learning the public transportation system

You will need to master a new public transit system, especially if you are moving to a large city. You’ll need to figure out the bus routes and schedules so that you can arrive to work on time. You’ll ultimately figure out how long it takes the bus to get to work and get into the groove of things faster than you think.

If you’re moving from a rural location to a big metropolis, though, you’ll need to account for the expense of purchasing a vehicle, gas, maintenance, and so on. When you relocate, you’ll almost certainly rely on GPS to help you learn about your new city. After you’ve gotten acquainted with your new routes, try some different ones to gain a better sense of your surroundings. It will be a challenge both if you are moving to the city center or if you are moving to the suburbs. But, it is a thing that you will have to overcome, so don’t worry too much about it.

People walking in Seattle
Even though Seattle is walkable, you should spend some time researching the public transportation system.

Making new friends

Making friends in a new location where you don’t know anyone can be challenging and intimidating, particularly if you are an introvert. Consider learning a new skill, such as tennis, bowling, drawing, or yoga. Join a sports league or volunteer for a local charity. You are preparing yourself to make new friends by performing these things.

In conclusion

There are a lot of challenges that you might have to face when moving from NYC to Seattle, but these 5 are the most common ones. Now that you know about them you will be able to prepare yourself to face and overcome them! It will be fun because you will find out why Seattle is one of the favorite cities of young New Yorkers! We wish you a great move to Seattle and a great time in it!