So, you’ve recently moved to Brooklyn, and now you’re ready for nice glass of cocktail or for a beer? Where should you go, or what are the best bars for Brooklyn newcomers? That depends, of course, because everyone has their own personal taste. Someone likes their beer dark, and someone likes their cocktail with a bit less sugar on the side, as personal taste in beverages is very subjective. Maybe the food is the deciding factor when people choose their own favorite bar. Whatever the case is, it is also a fact that Brooklyn has something for anyone. There are countless kinds of bars in Brooklyn. There are bars that are specialized in beer, and there are bars that are so traditionally American. So, which Brooklyn bars are the best, and what do they offer? Shh – we are going to give you some tips on moving to Brooklyn too.

And yes, moving to NYC will change you, especially your taste in bars.So, without further ado, let’s find out what are the best bars for Brooklyn newcomers!

Mineral water pretending to be a cocktail.

Brooklyn has some of the nicest bars in New York City.

Before you embark on a search for best bars for Brooklyn newcomers

Brooklyn is one of the most wonderful boroughs of New York City. It has one of the best bars in the country, some of them even praised by employees of Movers 101. And that is not a small thing.

However, if you want to move to Brooklyn, make sure to hire some movers. Some people think think that you can move on your own to Brooklyn. While that may be true, moving on your own is actually very dangerous. It’s not good for your wallet and it’s not good for your wallet. Why? Well, first of all, while moving on your own you might hurt yourself easily. And costs of medical care, as it is widely known, can easily exceed the costs tied to hiring a moving company. You don’t have to worry if movers get hurt. Second, you may easily break something you own. And costs of repairing the thing you broke can be larger than costs of hiring a moving company. So, do a right thing and hire movers who can easily handle different types of relocation.

Women standing confused, looking confused, but she's actually acting.

What do you really want a bar to be like? It is a very subjective matter.

The Ryerson

If you are in for a real but modern southern experience in the hearth of Brooklyn, then your choice should be The Ryerson. As said on Yelp, they are “a neighborhood place offering locality and seasonality in the kitchen and at the bar”. People who decide to go to The Ryerson are more often then not very happy with the service there. One customer said – This restaurant Is run by some of the nicest and friendliest people who make really delicious food and cocktails. They opened it only few months ago. So, if you want to be one of the pioneers of bar searching, try The Ryerson. Only downside of this bar is that their name is quite hard to pronounce. The Ryerson.

Flatbush Zombie House

If you want lively and unique experience, go to Flatbush Zombie House. As said by one of the customers – the bar is lined with flags from just about every Central American country. It is a very fun bar with Latin American vibe. And trust us, people from Central America know how to make good cocktails. Their main drink comes in a skull mug with absinthe soaked gummy bears. Doesn’t that sound fun? You can pretend to be a pirate while you’re having a good time, unlike real Caribbean pirates. You’ll be exploring the seas of fun. Just be careful, absinthe is a very potent alcohol, as it can contain more than fifty percent of pure alcohol. Drink responsibly, but have fun, it is a very fun Brooklyn bar. If absinthe is too strong for you, try some of their rums. They are great!

The Commissioner

Great vibe and atmosphere can be found at The Commissioner. Also, it is in one of the best boroughs of Brooklyn.They have a great beer selection, for almost every taste. The stuff and the kitchen is very welcoming, and they do make a great atmosphere all around the bar. Even their food selection is excellent. They have different kinds of burgers, sandwiches and salads, all of which go well with beer. But they don’t only have beer. One customer said that she is very satisfied with their spiked cider. It’s great. Many who go to The Commissioner, go there regularly. Don’t miss out on The Commissioner if you are in Brooklyn. You most definitely wont regret it.

Super Power

Super Power bar has real super powers. It offers a wide selection of beers, cocktails, and wines. Beers? Great. Cocktails? Wonderful and well prepared. Wines? Also superb. If you want to experience a real super power, go to Super Power bar. You’ll fell like a superhero, or super villain, if that’s your groove. Just don’t act like one, please. They have great tiki, served well, and very tasteful. Also, their prices are very modest, so if you’re short on money (or even if you’re not) make sure to check out Super Power bar. It is also great for students that recently came to New York City.

Golden Gate is the heart of the LA.

You’ll have a real Californian experience at The Springs!

The Springs

If you are for a Californian feel inside of Brooklyn, come to The Springs. It has that distinct Californian feel, that you will almost think that you wandered and got lost in the middle of Los Angeles. The Springs bar has an excellent Burt Reynolds (a Narragansett and rum shot). Also, Aparol spritz slushy is their specialty, so if you want to have an Californian feel in the middle of Brooklyn, try The Springs for a great time.