Right across the Hudson lies the quaint unique town of North Bergen. This is one of the desired places near NYC to settle down with your family today. This small waterfront town combines the best of both worlds. It allows you to live right next to a major hub like NYC and still exploit the calm and cozy atmosphere of a small town in Jersey. At the same time, it offers an urban feel and great trails and nature. With this in mind, we will explore more about the reasons why North Bergen is a great place for families.

Why North Bergen

Located in Hudson County, North Bergen is a place that attracts many people today. It is particularly a great place for young professionals coming in with their families. With many people moving here gibraltarvanlines.com is getting a lot of attention and providing a moving service as never before. But to understand the appeal of this small town we should research more on the reasons why North Bergen is a great place.

Housing is one of the reasons why North Bergen is a great place for families
Affordability is one of the strong points of North Bergen

The reasons to choose North Bergen

It is hard to list only a few of them and to summarize all that this town has to offer. There are plenty of reasons why North Bergen is a great place for families and why people are coming here. However, three are predominant

  • Affordability and the economy
  • Schools
  • Entertainment and nature

Affordability and the economy

Living affordably within reach of the Big Apple is possible in North Bergen. The cost of living, housing costs, and rent are all well below the levels in NYC. This means that you can easily choose this town as a budget-friendly option and still exploits the proximity and good connections to the big city. At the same time, the economy here is going strong. The job market is developing creating a lot of great career opportunities. This urban enterprise zone is creating a fertile ground for businesses in finances, transportation, and health care.

Schools and safety

Young families here especially like the safety of the area. The crime rate here is very low so raising a family here is fairly easy and safe. The school district is also great. The town offers 6 elementary and 3 high schools in the town. In addition, the students have the option to transfer to the Gutenberg School District which I nearby.

Park in Jersey
One of the selling points for this town is pristine nature

Entertainment and nature

The town is very diverse and as such, it has a diverse and colorful nightlife and cuisine. There is a lot od do here and the nightlife is very colorful. In addition, there is some great nature and parks here. There are many hills and forests in the area making it perfect for outdoor activities for the whole family. Many trails are great for hiking, and biking and they run across the hills and by the Hudson River. These are the factors that make people move here the most. If you choose to move here rest assured that help is always available and local movers can help you out a lot. They will provide any service that your family requires to move in and settle down here.

Final thoughts

Living in North bergen can be a great solution. With its location, it offers a lot and is still very affordable. This is part of the reason why many tend to buy a second home here. These and many more are the perfect reasons why North Bergen is a great place for families with children.