Something unexpected seems to be happening in New York City. The city that never sleeps is losing a bunch of its millennial residence to the Garden State. Many seem to be baffled by this sudden change while others tend to think it was inevitable. So, let’s see why so many millennials are leaving NYC for New Jersey.

Reasons for ditching the Big Apple and relocating to NJ

Plenty of millennials are going on and other professional moving websites and booking their New Jersey relocation. It is clear that this trend is not just a delusion. Still, many don’t understand it, since living in Manhattan can often resemble a dream.

Extremely high costs of living

Everything from rent to groceries is extremely pricey in the Big Apple. Since many millennials are living on a budget, it sure seems like a logical step to relocate somewhere near where the prices are significantly lower. Even when working two jobs in NYC sometimes might not be enough to make ends meet. When you learn this, it comes as no surprise that so many are leaving NYC for New Jersey.

Lots of pennies saved which is a great reason for leaving NYC for New Jersey.
Unless you are making serious cash, pinching pennies is nothing unusual when living in NYC.

Leaving NYC for New Jersey because of the Covid-19 outbreak

With the sudden outbreak of coronavirus, people were caught off guard. This relentless virus hit NYC especially hard. Since the city is very crowded and there is not lots of space to practice social distancing as a virus precaution, millennials decided to move to the next-door state. The number of tenants in NY has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2020.

NYC is overcrowded

So we did say that many are leaving NYC in the dust and relocating to NJ. Yet, the trend of people moving to NY hasn’t died down. The infatuation with this city might stay alive and well forever. But, for those that have been around the block in the Empire State city things are starting to get a little old and annoying. Lack of parking, an abundance of tourists, overcrowded restaurants and bars and so many other issues are something that will not follow you to the Garden State.

Overly crowded Grand Central station in NYC.
Grand Central station is just one of many places in NYC that are constantly overcrowded.

Once you decide to move, hire professionals to do it for you

Since you might not be moving far you might be under the impression that your move will be a piece of cake. However, don’t kid yourself. A local or a nearby relocation can be just as complex as any other. You will have plenty of chores to take care of before your moving day comes around. The good news is that you can request assistance for time-consuming tasks. Professional movers can help you pack, transport your belonging, assemble and reassemble furniture, etc.


Now that you know why millennials are leaving NYC for New Jersey in a rush will you do the same? Or you just can seem to shake does 2 am cabs and delicious slices of pizza in the middle of the night only available in the Big Apple. One thing is for sure. NYC is hard to give up on, but if you decide it is not for you anymore, NJ just might be the perfect spot to move to.